Yet, another issue with my Penn Battle II 4000's

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Hi Tony,

I have tried to send you a PM with pictures but it says your FS Forum mailbox is full and cannot accept any other PM's until you free up your space by deleting some messages.

If you remember, in January, I had issues with both of my Penn Battle II 4000 and you graciously had me send them both back and consequently, both were replaced by Mike.

I have seriously used them maybe 4 or 5 times and one of them broke at the bail. I have never seen this happen to any newer reel before.. EVER!

When I'm in the Bahamas and doing Yellowtail fishing, I can't afford for these reels not to stand up to normal fishing especially with the care that I give all of my equipment.

I don't want to send these 2 reels back to PENN once again just to have them replaced a third time in less than a year.

If I can pay something and upgrade them to a Conquest or some other "better quality" reel, that would be great.

If upgrading is a problem, I'll just toss the 2 in the garbage and move on but I'm not going to send them once again.

Please advise if there is anything you can do.

Thanks much




  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral

    I sent you a PM!!!!!

    guys, Penn comes through again!!!

    Their customer service is second to none!!! They always take care of the issues. Knowing that things go wrong is not upsetting. What upsets customers is when the company sits by and does nothing.

    PENN is far from this!! Tony D always steps up to the plate.

    Penn has my endorsement over the other manufacturers because of their stellar customer service.

    Thank you

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    Tony is definitely tops in the industry with customer service!

    Thank you for the support Eric, we work hard to stay accessible to the guys on the water

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    I have that reel. hopefully i don't have the same results.
    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
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    I have 4 Fierce 3000s and love them. Beat to crap and still work like new
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    It was just a Chinese hoax.
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