West Central Meets West End

Trip started off with my girl friend and I heading down the West Palm Beach to meet some people we really didn't know for a trip to the Bahamas which would be the first time either of us have been fishing over there. So after a slightly awkward meeting for the first time (kind of like a blind date) which I was worried about until I saw how much beer was being loaded in to the boat. we set off leaving West Palm just before a cold front pushed down. We had a smooth ride across getting to check in by 10 am. After the paper work was done we headed back out fishing and I've done this type of fishing before but its not my specialty. Scott(The Captain\Owner of the Boat) Told me to find the frigate's and we would find the big slammer dolphin. So to his surprise I am actually really good at finding birds.
Found the first set of frigates diving on flying fish about 10 miles off the West End, didn't take but one pass and Fish on all 4 lines screaming with dolphin jumping in every direction boated the 4 fish there but couldn't keep an eye on the birds as it was just 4 of us 2 guys 2 girls. seemed to be a mile or so between frigates but we kept on them for about 4 hours boating 14 nice fish the first day.
Day 2 was a bust with 25-30 kt winds out of the north and big seas we decided to sleep in and go shoot a couple hogs when it warmed up a bit.
Day 3 the winds laid down to around 15-20kts which was enough for us to get out and get a full day in. Just more of the same picking at least one fish off every frigate bird with the day ending with 20 nice mahi's and the largest bull weighing in at 44lbs.
Day 4 (Sunday) was a sad day because we had to go home. all in all had a great time hanging with the local's having some beers while learning about the hurricane damage and just seeing how much people over there love life. just handing a guy a beer made there day. cant wait till the next time I get to go back which wont be too long.Ended up with some awesome fish in the cooler and some new friends. check out the video and pics



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