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Making Money Posting Youtube Fishing Videos - How Much?

I figured some of you might find this interesting. I have a Youtube fishing channel (Key West Kayak Fishing) where I post videos about, well, kayak fishing in Key West. I started posting November 2015 and have posted about 300 videos in that time frame. Here is some info in regards to how much I make via Youtube ad money. Hourly rate is way below minimum wage, but I have made enough money in the three months that I have turned on the ads that I have paid off all my fishing gear which is a victory in itself. Like anything, you get what you put into it.
Youtube - KEY WEST KAYAK FISHING https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkGY6yxE8kogYHKXisMhA2w
All About The Bait Store - http://www.allaboutthebait.com/


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