12wt fly line ??

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Hi there, I'm getting new tarpon setup for the upcoming season, I'm gonna spend some time in May and June chasing poons from Islamorada to Flamingo.
What would you recommend for a fly line for Keys fishing ??


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    My POV...I sight fish from guided skiff on flats. Marathon to Marquesas...occasionally Islamorada. Always floating and never clear or clear tip. As for brands...I use and have used, RIO, Cortland, SciAng, Wulff, and Airflo. I would start with any branded 12 wt line that gives you the actual grain weight for the first 30 feet that will give you a base for comparison. Heavier or lighter or that's it ...what works for you and your rod. I prefer heavier as in the first 30 feet is heavier than the speced 12 wt AFT...by 50 to 100% or more because it loads quicker for me a weak caster and I can get the fly to the fish quicker most of the times. I do not carry more than 40 feet of flyline before let go...two cycles and go ...test drive before you buy...at 80 to 100 bucks for new ...
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    12wt will work for most tarpon

    [QUOTE=what works for you and your rod[/QUOTE]

    "fast action rods" , almost all will cast easier, further one line wt above what the rod is rated as.
    But you have to test your rod with a few different lines to know what works best for you.
    My current tarpon rod is a 12/13 St Croix Legend and it throws a Rio tarpon WF13F. It is a joy to cast.

    If your getting a new rod and line, buy from a local fly shop if you can. My experience is when they know you are a serious customer they will let you cast a a few rods and lines. Other option is to buy from someone like Cabelas who will let you return just about anything. Option two, hire a guide ad use his stuff. (new rod/reel/line can cost you $1300.00 plus)

    BTW, even with a 13Wt rod, Ross Canyon big game reel, palming the spool just short of braking the leader... you won't eve slow down a big Tarpons first run of 500/600 feet. :)
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    quest450 wrote: »
    Hi there, I'm getting new tarpon setup for the upcoming season, I'm gonna spend some time in May and June chasing poons from Islamorada to Flamingo.
    What would you recommend for a fly line for Keys fishing ??

    I recommend the Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper WFF in 12wt. It is a VERY user friendly line!
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    Thanks for the recommendations, I have Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper WFF on my 10wt and I do like it a lot
    I'm leaning toward the Airflo Tropical Punch line by Bruce Chard, looks like the perfect line for Keys shallow water and mostly windy conditions
    Do any of you have first hand experience with the tropical punch fly line ??

    the rod is NRX Pro1 12wt
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    Could not tell what the weight of the Airflow 12 was...does not look like they post it...difficult to compare without buying...RIO SciAng do..and Wulff does for Tropical Tri...first 30 feet of 12 is 463 grains...the "standard" 12 spec is 362-392 for first thirty. The Wulff head is 30 feet and very short front taper so with head and ten feet of flyline out the tip you have at least 500 grains loading your rod. That's a wind line ...if Punch is similarly weighted it to would work...I would just try one somebody must have one to try...I use an 11 wt Method with Wulff Bermuda Shorts a 23 foot head for wind 15 kts plus and for under 15 kts Wulff Tropical TT 30 foot head. That works for me, my casting and the Method blank...but my effective range as in reasonably accurate is 75 feet ...10 feet leader...65 feet fly line...if I had your rod I would fine tune lines by head length and weights and casting style....the heavier grain wt and short head is more forgiving than longer heads and false casting 65 feet of line to load the rod when standing on the casting deck with "buck fever" incoming fish IMHO.
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    The tropical punch is dynamite - I have it as well as the triangle taper and airflow tropical ridge w the 12 ft clear tip. I like them all, but I like the triangle taper the least - I think both of the airflow lines shoot better and don't get gummy feeling like the wulff can.  Actually, I prefer the triangle taper lost tip for tarpon over their floating line- which has a clear tip and a very slow sink tip - really good for tarpon - only 1.5 to 2"/second sink rate. The clear tip wullf is also a bit heavier than the floating line - so it throws well in the wind as well. Really - any of these lines are really good and can work.  
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    Just about all of my 12wts (I actually have four of them for tarpon) are set up with full intermediate lines - but I'm fishing the dark waters of the Everglades where we'll sight fish laid-ups in less than five feet of water - then run to rivers where big fish are on the bottom in eight to twelve feet of water and the fly (something a lot bigger than most would use) has to be right down where the fish are with that same full intermediate.... after counting it down to where they're holding.

    I do have one additional 12 wt that's set specifically for shark fishing... It's set up with a shortened 13wt floater (fly line maybe 70 feet all told - shortened from the backing end - not the leader end...).  It's meant specifically for tossing big flies at approaching sharks we've chummed up - also in dark waters where you only have brief window to see them before they're right at the skiff chewing on your carcasses...  None of these are small sharks at all....
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