Cape San Blas - I'm striking out

Been fishing since Saturday. Tried the cape area, off the beach near Indian pass, and took the boat out at Indian pass. Fished in the pass itself with shrimp and around some oyster beds.

Saturday evening we caught 30-40 whiting but most were small, and one sheepshead. After that we have struggled. Caught a couple whiting and a couple cats and that is it.

Live shrimp became available for the first time today and that should help. We did use a drone to get a live shrimp a few hundred feet off the beach today and caught something huge. It broke our 30 lb braid after it jumped.

We did catch a stingray tonight before dark that was almost 3 foot across which provided a lot of excitement for the kids. We were shark fishing at the time. Been using my drone to take the bait out and that is working great. Beats the heck out of kayaking them out.

If anyone has any tips for the remainder of the week I am all ears. I would love to get the kids on some fish. If not, we will keep plugging away. We at least have found some blue crab and oysters and have been bringing them back to the house and grilling them.


  • TrevfishinTrevfishin In my mind I'm in my kayak fishing, unfortunately physically I'm at work :(Posts: 665 Officer
    There is a river that comes into the bad just north of Port St. Joe, was there a couple of years ago and scored some good size black drum. Also the flats around the island in the southern portion of the bay is good for trout, lady fish, sharks, reds. Caught some huge Jacks just off the beach trolling xrap's and saw a manta ray. Sharks are there, find the holes. Not sure where you are staying on the Cape, we were about midway to the National Park. Google maps helps to find the holes.
  • spoonsspoons Posts: 65 Deckhand
    Thanks for the info. We went to Indian pass this morning before I read your response and struck out except for a few catfish. We then went to the river you mention which I believe is at the highway 98 bridge. Got there around mid-day. Caught a redfish, a jack, and some lady fish. Might hit it again tonight.
  • RedhunterRedhunter Posts: 435 Deckhand
    This time of year the intercoastal is the place to be. (Where you were at today) Water is not warm enough to have a multitude of fish in the bay yet. Now that said. I have fished the bay (flats) with the water temps still this cool and have found a few fish, just few and far between.
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