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East Cape Tarpon

Was just out at the cape doing a little camping and fishing with a buddy of mine. Not a report or anything since it was about two weeks ago. Just a story and a video.

Dan gets a huge tarpon to bite on his little 2500 reel, it pulls some drag and breaks him off. I decide to switch to the big rod and look for another one. At the moment we see a nice fin pushing right on the beach. I yell to Dan that I'm going to catch that shark. I hook some snapper skin from lunch onto the jig. I started pitching it to the shark. BOOM! Hooked up! Turns out the little fin wasn't a shark but just a huge tarpon belly crawling.

This thing is angry and takes off doing a lot of jumps. I'm bowing and Dan starts filming. It goes on a couple of long runs and I work it back. Got it back to the beach and leader the fish but it still had a lot of energy. It went out for another run. It took another 60yds of line and then broke me. Just worked through the leader after about 40 minutes in.

It was a monster tarpon in the coolest location. I can't wait to go back and get a second chance to put one on the sand.

Please check out the video and let me know what you think!

****** https://youtu.be/h5TVC4O7grE *******
Kayak Sensei :stinkfish


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