25 lb. Inshore redfish

I've been using my own personal fishing flats boat lately because the motor on the bay boat decided it didn't want to start anymore but will be getting fixed on Monday. That giant Redfish was caught sight fishing with Jake and his father Tim. I was poling around a bay and saw a big fish swimming in circles and zigzags in a small area after they made 5 casts I tucked the push pole under my left arm gently removed the rod from my clients hands and made a cast. Luckily the fish stayed on course and intersected perfectly with the DOA Cal paddle tail and two twitches was all it took to get the bite set the hook and hand the rod back to Jake. Awesome fish I never sighted one that big it was so much fun being back on the poling platform catching fish.
The Snook pics are of a couple Slot Snook caught this week. Get out there and enjoy there are fish around go Tear Em Up!!

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