I'd rather be lucky than... Bootle Bay 3/7-/3/12 trip

As is the case often in March, the winds blew hard from 3/1-3/7 and boy did we get lucky as the "Uptick" crew was planning all along on flying into West End heading to Bootle Bay on 3/7. After getting situated at the Lodge we splashed the Ocean Master at noon and my friend Tommie W. started getting the rods, chum and bait ready as I headed into Freeport to pick up the last "crew member" for this trip (Bill R. from Detroit). It was 20 degrees in Dteroit when Bill left! Bill's flight was on time and we quickly made our way back to Bootle as it was time to catch dinner. After a quick run in very breezy conditions we were able to put a good number of tasty lane snapper in the box.. Great start and a great meal on the first night. On 3/8 morning the weather had much improved and we ran the quick four miles up to Old Bahama Bay to put on fuel. . We ran north of Memory Rock and had a great day with various snappers and grouper as well as the ever present cuda.. . We actually had one barracuda rocket into the boat chasing a yellowtail which was a bit scary to say the least. Some flag yellowtails were caught. . 3/9 brought even better weather which allowed us to run again north and we got into a nice bunch of mangos and muttons a dove up some conch on the way back to Bootle. . . Bootle Bay has a new conch tenderizing machine which makes the cracked conch and fritters that LaShanda and Linda prepare even better than before if you can believe it! 3/10 and 3/11 were a bit breezy so we stayed close to the Lodge and caught fish for the locals in the village as well as the Lodge. Another fun time at Bootle. Headed back again in May! We got very lucky with the weather on this trip. Sorry about the pictures posting sideways. It never fails!


  • Osprey45Osprey45 FT Pierce/ Boonton Twp NJPosts: 995 Officer
    Dennis another great trip:applause:applause
  • century7century7 Posts: 2,410 Captain
    great report with some good eats.
    Bootle Bay has a new conch tenderizing machine which makes the cracked conch and fritters

    Thanks now you have me craving some fresh conch!
    Sorry about the pictures posting sideways

    i will send you the bill for my chiropractor:wink
    It works 60% of the time all the time......
  • dzankdzank Posts: 250 Deckhand
    The conch tenderizing machine is awesome! Sorry again about the pictures. Century7, I'll send you a check for the chiropractor----just don't try to cash it!!
  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 886 Officer
    Nice mixed bag as usual��
    Did you see any Frigates offshore?
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
    pm me for rental info.
  • dzankdzank Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Only saw one frigate on the trip not far from Bootle.
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral

    As usual, GREAT REPORT!!!!!

    Steven (Century 7) is always on my trips to Bootle so rather than pay for his Chiro bills, just feed him... he's good with that.. LOL

    You really caught some nice flags there buddy.

    The fish table looks really good with the fish lined up as well.

    Another great UPTICK trip.

    Pete will have to bring the Viking in there next.. I'll be his spotter (lol)

    Hey, if we go over next month and you need something brought over, let me know.


  • Hook N UpHook N Up Posts: 188 Officer
    Great report and look like great times.


    Hook N Up
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    Oh Dennis,

    One more thing.. while you were holding up the conch in the last picture.. did you hear the music playing in the background???

    DA DUM DA DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM (best I can do with the Jaws theme)... Isn't that a Great White Shark coming up behind you in that picture?? :grin:grin:grin:wink

  • dzankdzank Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Thanks all for the comments. Just wish I could easily figure out the picture posting challenge. It's frustrating. If anyone is headed over and want to bring a few things to help out try to reach Vida through the email or cell contact info on the Bootle Bay web site. We are planning on flying in for the next trip on 5/20 for five nights. In addition we have trips scheduled in June and August. OBS Marine in Freeport is going to be doing a little work on the engines as I need to correct a lower unit seal problem in the next few weeks. Other than that the old Ocean Master has been running very well. I'm going to have OBS do a complete check on the engines as they are model year 2011's and now have 500+ hours on them. Can't wait to get back and hope to run into you guys along the way. The conch tenderizer machine is AWESOME!!
  • opeleoopeleo Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Nice haul
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral

    Before you post your pictures, open them first on the computer or send them to your email. When you open them on the computer or open your own email, double click on each picture and it will open in a small window and you will see an icon to rotate your picture.

    EVEN if it is right side up, rotate your view in either direction until it is right side up again and then, save it. It will now post right side up.

    For those who don't want to turn heads sideways, here are Dennis's pictures turned right side up.



  • ldavid516ldavid516 Posts: 309 Deckhand
    Easier yet take your photos lying down !!
  • dzankdzank Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Eric, way to go. Thanks much. I guess flying around those big jets has turned you into a techno wizard!!!
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    dzank wrote: »
    Eric, way to go. Thanks much. I guess flying around those big jets has turned you into a techno wizard!!!

    ha ha ha

    As I told a first class passenger today, flying jumbo jets is very easy BUT you have to know which button to push first.

    Glad to help Dennis.

    See you over there for my diet coke.


  • e-moneye-money Posts: 4,258 Captain
    U are a bad *** and I have NOTHING but love for Bootle Bay!
    Vida and I are friends, but Warren aka Trick Daddy is like a Godfather to me (and about 13 Bahamian kids but i digress) lol
    USCG Freelance Licensed Captain
    20 years experience Offshore & Bahamas ( Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish & Bottom Fish.)
    (I teach people how to be more effective AND catch MORE and BIGGER fish on their own boats!)
    [email protected]
  • dzankdzank Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Great post emoney! The "Uptick" crew loves Bootle. Good fishing and diving, good people, safe and secure dockage and lodging and great cooking! What's not to like?
  • KaimanaKaimana Posts: 244 Deckhand
    Just started making plans for another trip to Bootle in May - can't wait!
  • dzankdzank Posts: 250 Deckhand
    The "UpTick" crew plans on being at Bootle from 5/20-5/25 just ahead of the holiday weekend. I'm pretty sure that BB is booked solid over Memorial Day weekend so we plan on being there before the big rush. Hope to see some of you guys over there!! We also have another trip scheduled for the latter part of June. I can taste the cracked conch and fritters already!
  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,138 Officer
    Hey you got to right click on saved pics and rotate. I get a headache from looking at sideways pics.

  • dzankdzank Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Eric, there a quite a few 12 packs of Diet Cokes in the storage building! look forward to running into you guys on "the other side" soon!
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