2500 Series Reel For Inshore???

BasstarBasstar Posts: 514 Officer
I've been using a 2500 series Reel with a ML rod #10 braid. I'd like to up my line size to #15 braid and a M weight rod. Anyone using a 2500 series Reel with similar rod weight and #15 braid? I'm debating whether to purchase a 3000 series Reel For this application. Thanks


  • mklingmkling Posts: 51 Greenhorn
    2500 reel is fine with 20lb braid and a heavier rod. what type of fishing are you doing?
    Lots of people use 20lb braid on 2500 reels.
  • GSRswapandslowGSRswapandslow Posts: 120 Deckhand
    i use 3000 series Shimano reels on 8-17lb rated Star Stellar Lite rods....seems to be a great combo. I run 10lb on one and 15lb on the other. I am thinking about switching out to 2500 series Diawa DG's, for this year, though.
  • trousertroutmantrousertroutman Posts: 1,332 Officer
    I like the super light braid, as it breaks higher than the stated rating, so "10lb" actually breaks at like 15-17lbs, plus it casts really nice!
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