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Fishing El Salvador

GettinthereGettinthere Posts: 55 Deckhand
I just returned from fishing the El Salvador International Billfish Tournament, and the fishing was unbelievable. We fished 3 days mostly trolling plastics for marlin sails and the occasional bait and switch. The first day we were able to raise 14 sails but only catch one b\c of the size of the lures and the fact that the sails bill them instead of eating them. We also caught 6 dolphin averaging 25lbs with one in the 40+ range, and 12 yellowfin tuna avg. 35lbs. The second day we finally figured out the way to get the sails on the lures by dropping the reel into free-spool once the fish comes up and wacks it. The tally for day 2 was 8/17 sails, 4 dolfin, and we lost a small blue marlin after having him on for 10 min. Day 3 was the best day of the tournament we managed 10/15 on sails, a couple fins and I was finally able to tag and release my first marlin a blue about 250lbs. All in all a great trip to say the least. We placed 3rd over all in the sail category, first place just targeted sails using bait and switch they released 42 in the 3 days. There were 30 boats participating and in 3 days there were 8 marlin released and over 200 sails, not to mention the dolfin and tuna.

El Salvador is def a place worth adding onto any avid fisherman's list of places to go. The people are among the humblest and welcoming I've met. Its waters are teeming with life. All in all a really amazing place.
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