Shell Point area help?

Hello all,
my friend is a new resident to Shell Point. We are bringing our families out there next weekend on the 16th or so. We have all range of fishing expertise. I was just hoping to see if someone might offer us some information as to how we should proceed? Mainly would like to keep the kids entertained but the dads might like to get into some real fishing as well. We will mainly be fishing from shore and kayaks. One day we plan on renting a boat from Shields marina? Sorry to be so vague but just looking to get kids on some fish to keep them interested? Are there any reds? Sheepshead etc to be had?
In advance I appreciate any help you might be able to offer.
Have a great weekend!
P.S. in the past (on the east side of FL in intercoastal) I have used a barrel swivel with egg weight (slider) to keep it on the bottom with a floating jig head to try to minimize snags for the kids. Does this make any sense here?


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