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St Andrews Bay/Port St. Joe Advice

Hey Guys,

I am heading over your way this Saturday to stay for a week from St. Augustine. I am dragging my 24' Bay Boat and would love it if you guys had any advice. I will have my wife and 2 kids (7 and 2) along so it wont be strictly fishing but I would love to put the kids on some fish.

We will be staying near Panama City (just east) but will also probably run St. Joe bay a day or two as well. I have never fished St Andrews so I am totally blind on that front. I fished St Joe about 5 years ago and we did decent around blacks island.

If the weather and seas are right we might look to target a close in reef for some bottom fishing.

As mentioned before, any pointers, advice, words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


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