Late post 2-24-17 Dinosaur, couple donkeys and some groceries

8am, 8mph N wind, Me n a few buddies were headed out to one of his snapper spots which was roughly 20 miles out from johns pass when I crack open a beer, take a sip and then he stops the boat and starts screaming "get your GoPro !!! Get the cameras !!! Get the cameras !!!" We were only about 3 miles into our trip so I didn't know what was going on. I obey, grab my GoPro, and think to myself , damnit he saw a whale shark and now I have to jump in to get some epic footage in these arctic st Pete winter waters, but let the records show I was willing to since I personally still haven't been lucky enough to see one and swim w one yet. Rich grabs a rod, live shrimp and points to a small piece of debris which we putter over to and see a big dark shadow underneath, Showtime !!! First pitch the dinosaur inhales, hook pulls. Second pitch, swing and a miss. 0-2 , lobs a meatball over and Fish on !!! Drag screaming, while this doormat of a tripletail is jumping almost like a tarpon in attempt to evade the icebox. Even had to back the boat down on him when it took quite a bit of line on a nice run. We get him in and measured, 26.5" the biggest I've ever seen. Next stop was in 60 ft at one of our usual mango spots but had been completely over ran by 15-17" lane snappers, a few ars, porgys, couple yellowtail, and a nice margate. Zero mangroves. Next stop, 70 ft, more ars, more big lanes and finally a few mangos. Then my stradic 3000 starts screaming !!! Nice amberjack on my light setup, wrists were killing me after a nice 15 min battle, beer break then do it again. Nothing compares to reef donkeys on snapper gear. Can't wait to do it again. What's your biggest triple tail ??


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