Older Navoincs or Garmin formats?

ReefRocketReefRocket Jacksonville BeachPosts: 987 Officer
Looking for Panhandle, Big Big, Navoinics older formats that will load to my 2004 Lowarance. Newer cards of 2GB will not work. Only cards of 1GB , ie 256 KB, 1 KB, 64 KB will load in my older unit.

I have N.E. Florida, Bahamas and the Keys (in two cards for swap, trade).

Also looking for same in garmin unlock codes for older Garmin Blue Charts. These are for older maps that garmin no longer supports. I have unlock codes for same as above, looking for unlock codes for panhandle. These maps still work on a PC (can't be loaded onto the garmin devices)...unless you know a hacker..which I am not.

Could buy, swap, or trade.

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