Pompano on the beach.

I got bored yesterday afternoon, so living close to the beach I grabbed a couple rods and walked down to the surf. I made a quick two hook rig and baited them with yellow fish bites. Before i could pick Pandora station a rod slams over. I reeled up a double and finished with four pompano in less than three hours. Fish bites really work well, especially with the sand fleas being so small right now. Set it and forget it, they last about an hour on the hook. Go give it a shot, catch em up!


  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,185 Officer
    Nice way to spend a few hours!

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  • PanhandlePoonPanhandlePoon Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    no doubt!
  • FlickerjimFlickerjim Posts: 475 Officer
    DANG!!!! That's pretty cool!! silly question.. can you eat pomp's?
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  • PanhandlePoonPanhandlePoon Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Oh yeah! One of my favorites.
  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 9,929 Admiral
    Good news, thanks for the report. Headed to CSB this weekend and will give the pomps a try from the beach.
  • anglingarchitectanglingarchitect Posts: 1,492 Officer
    Can't eat pomps? Send them well iced to me for proper disposal. :thumbsup
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  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 9,929 Admiral
    Heading down in a few hours. Weather looks great.
  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 9,929 Admiral
    Got back last night.

    Friday was the best weather/seas wise.

    No pomps were caught. Caught a couple whiting and a few cats. Used shrimp, squid and cut mullet.

    Lots of beer was consumed and time wasted. It was a great few days.
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