Crystal River/Yankeetown Sheepshead Beatdown! 3/1

Went with Eric on the Shasty McNasty the other day. Only made it out there because his 25ft sea hunt handles great, otherwise we wouldn't have attempted it. It was pretty rough so we made a quick trip and still put a hurtin on the sheepshead in easily 3ft waves. Didn't want to make the run south for snapper due to the waves and didnt have much fresh shrimp left. We ended with 30 sheepshead by noon and released another dozen or so. All in the same spot in 32ft never had to re anchor. Sheepshead are everywhere still but with the temps warming up I don't think Im going to get another chance to go for them again this year. It sure was fun while it lasted. Back to the ramp done cleaning fish by 3pm is always nice though. Made a pretty good go pro video this time much shorter than usual.

Go Pro Video


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