2/28/17 Homosassa

Last week I had the opportunity to fish with “Alex from GA”. He showed me the how it's done on the Withlacoochee which was posted in the freshwater forum.
Yesterday we went out again together but in salt water. I’ve had pretty poor luck in Mason’s Creek lately so we motored out of the Homosassa River and drifted the grass flats while we waited for the tide to get right for working the shoreline. We casted mirro-dines and soft plastics in 3’-6’ of water near some bars with minimal success; just a few small trout and pin fish pestering us. Once we drifted close to shore, I lost a nice trout and Alex boated a red @ 17”. We decided there was enough water and started working the mangroves. In fairly short order, 2 upper slot trout, and 2 reds at 22” and 25” came aboard. Later, on the way home, we stopped in False Channel where Alex got his 25” trophy.
I used Z-Man Electric Chicken paddle shade, Alex threw a small chartreuse jig-head with a silver mullet tail; both seemed to do the trick just fine. Water temp was 72-74.


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