Revant Optics - Customer Service on point

I rarely review people because I am just lazy and don't care BUT...this was kind of cool.

So I got a pair of Oakley Holbrooks on Ebay with Revant Lenses in them (polarized). They started to delam for some reason so I emailed support and asked if they would warranty the lenses even though I got them from someone else. I had to send pics of the delam, the company (or screen shot of the person on ebay) who sold them to me, and my address. They emailed me today (a day later) and are shipping out a brand new pair free of charge and I don't have to send anything back.

They said if for some reason it happens again to email them and they will fix the problem.

That is some pretty solid customer service considering I didn't even purchase the lenses from them.

Though it was worth a mention to anyone who has scratched lenses for any kind of frames.


  • Drift TideDrift Tide Posts: 135 Deckhand
    Thank you for posting this. Had not heard of Revant before, and recent bad experience with Costa prescription lenses has me looking for somebody new, so will check them out.
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