Miamimuttonman reef fishing report 2/23/17 wahoo anchored

Got to the reef in Tavernier hit some yellowtail spots and had a few commercial guys competing with each other, So I headed to Molasses Reef and got the ball behind the boat, but the current was too slow and the hound fish would not let the tails eat, we got a few only and Did get a load of speedo and put six in the live well and headed out for the Muttons.
We got to a deep spot in 150 ft and dropped some baits down and my customers hooked up multiple times and could not put one in the boat, the sharks took one of them. So I put a flat line out with a live speedo thinking we will hook up a nice king and surprise, the speedo hits the water and shoots out like a torpedo and within 30 seconds we are hooked up to one of the fastest fish in the ocean, after a little coaching, Frank is able to bring the fish to my waiting gaff. After pics and high fives, I set up another speedo and this time, we see one wahoo swimming by the boat, tossed the speedo in and it gets slammed and takes off so fast and strong it chewed through the wire. I reset with the thickest wire I had which was 40 pound and put out another speedo and we hook up right away with the second wahoo which we boated, this one was bigger than the first pushing 30 pounds. By this time no one was bottom fishing and we were in a hurry to set up new wire and go back in, well we lost three more that we could not turn, last one hit on a dead speedo, since we had no more live. So we ended with some tails and the two wahoo. Funny thing, I had a sports yacht trolling just outside of us and he did not hook up9BACF548-91B4-43B7-A53B-1A912E4A4C05_zpsstq0tflu.jpg89382EB7-0456-4699-80AD-84966100188D_zpsehussdiw.jpg for vídeos click here


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