Kahr PM40 Package

The PM40 is a super compact 6+1 .40S&W that only weighs about 16 ounces. It's not much bigger than a lot of the .380's on the market and easily fits in your front pocket. Included in the sale is a Crimson Trace Laserguard, 3 magazines (2 flush and 1 extended), a custom Bullard pocket holster, and a matching Bullard magazine pouch. This is a great package for concealed carried. I put 200 rounds through it when I bought it and it was very reliable after the first 100 rounds. It's been shot sparingly since then, maybe another 100 rounds. It's mostly been taking up room in my safe, so it's time to move it on. I can meet buyers FTF in the Ocala, north Tampa, or west Orlando area. Buyer must provide me with a copy of his or her photo ID and certify that it's legal for you to own this item. Please contact me through PM. $650 or best offer. If you don't want the laser I can work a deal without it and I have a couple of other holsters that you could choose from that don't fit with the laser mounted.


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