Need help rebuild ?

I am rebuilding a 1978 17ft Boston Whaler. it has side console steering and bench seats that are all wood. I am looking for a lacquer like you see on a seeder clock or a table or on a bar. I think it is a two part lacquer. I Want to use something strong like that and would like not to have to put on 20 coats. Any help


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    I have sent your question to a friend who is a old high end furniture maker. Will see what he comes up with.

    But I will tell you that currently he uses a lot of catalyzed lacquer. It's on the desk I'm using and is tough.

    You are correct though in that it is not what would have been on that least I think not.
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    Thank you for your help!!! I am trying to keep it like it was I like the wood look just trying to seal it real good
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    I rebuilt a 1978 Whaler 15' sport about 12years ago replaced all of the Mahogany. I also do a fair amount of wood working. I recommend Spar Urethane and build the coats I did around 8 coats if my memory is right, not 20. The problems I have run into with the two part "epoxy" systems is the boards have to be perfectly level or they build and run on one end/corner/edge which makes a difficult cleanup that takes more time that just doing the coats. Jamestown Distributors is a great source for materials and advice good luck and take your time. If its worth doing its worth doing right.
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    Here is what he said......with the most important part in capitals.


    He then went on to say the reason to use one of the buffed oil finishes, which can be made to shine quite well, is that they do not crack as they are not actually a solid......sort of. He said to use teak/tung oil and reapply it as needed.
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    Thank you for the help. I never thought about the wood moving and the lacquer cracking but that does make a lot of since. that is why I like this forum fisherman helping fisherman!!!!And I looked at that web site Jamestown Distributors and it is Awesome!!!! I never new about it but I am ordering a few things Thank you. and I think I will take my time and do it one coat at a time and try the spar urethane.
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    Jamestown is great for that stuff. Make sure whatever you get has UV stabilizers in it.
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