Issues with my Battle II 2500

MuskyChaserMuskyChaser Posts: 134 Deckhand
I recently started having problems with my Battle II 2500 reel. It is 2 years old, but I spray it down after every use, don't dunk it, etc. The problem is with the reeling, it seems to be getting stuck when reeling in, particularly when reeling in slowly. It is also making a squeaking sound when reeling. The drag is still smooth, and I took the top part of the reel apart and there does not appear to be any damage or dirt.

I think that next I should take the lower part of the reel and maybe add some grease? The drag seems fine so it has to be the gears in the reel handle? Anyone had similar issues?
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  • seahunt202seahunt202 Posts: 172 Deckhand
    Had same problem with a older 4000 they said it was a bent shaft I thing. It would work fine and then all the sudden stop reeling. This happened after only a couple uses. Wierd stuff. By the time I paid the service fee and repair o basically could have bought a new one.
  • PENNPENN Posts: 373 Deckhand

    One or more of the ball bearings may need to be cleaned and re-oiled, could also be a slightly bent shaft. Sorry for the late reply, we have been very busy around here recently. Were you able to correct the problem since your post?

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