Repairing rod grips

I have a couple of rods with EVA handle grips where some critter decided to eat small chunks out of it. I'm thinking of filling the holes with something and then using grip wrap or shrink wrap to cover the whole grip. What do I use to fill the EVA? I've though of wood filler but don't know if it will stick to the EVA foam.

On another rod the EVA is weathered/dry rotted and am wondering if I need to coat the grip with some sort of sealer/varnish before wrapping so the wrap will stick.



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    I have never tried it but I have heard of using "Great Stuff", the expanding foam to fill the holes in the EVA. Let it dry, cut off the excess, sand and put xwrap/shrink wrap over top of it.

    I have used spray-on adhesive on grips to make them tacky before putting on shrink wrap. But you have to be very careful, if the shrink wrap barely fits over your grip you will have a problem getting it on.
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    Any competent rodcrafter can replace the butt section on a rod with an EVA grip... I've been doing it for years. The foregrip, though, is another proposition entirely... for that you need to think about having the rod completely re-done (remove all the guides and replace with new, once the guides are removed you cut off the old foregrip and replace it..). That sort of stuff, though, is completely dependent on the condition of the blank and original reelseat (are they worth saving, or are you better off simply replacing the rod?).

    Here's how to replace an EVA butt section with a repair that will leave most wondering - "how did he do that"? Cut off the old butt section completely and scrape away remaining glue without damaging the blank (pay a bit of attention to any remaining EVA still on the end of the there's a clean fit between old reelseat and new EVA butt). Tape the end of the reelseat to prevent any new glue from sticking to it... Measure up your new butt section, making sure it's outer diameter is what you want mating to the end of the reel seat (I usually shape the new butt section in advance so there's no additional work needed after glue up..). Now for the magic... EVA expands and stretches just enough (with the right diameter internal hole) that you can slide it down a second blank all the way to the end - after placing a bit of epoxy glue on it... Make sure the second blank's butt section it equal to, or slightly larger than the rod butt you're repairing. Grease up the second blank slow cure epoxy glue then slide the butt section (top that it lines up with where it will eventually ends up...) all the way to the end of the second blank then mate it to the repair rod and just keep on sliding - right onto the butt of the rod to be repaired... I clean up afterward with lacquer thinner, then remove the tape from the reelseat and you're ready to allow the repair to cure for a day or two... You'll have to decide in advance how you want to deal with a new butt cap (either leaving the butt of the blank bare to accept a butt cap -or turning it down after the glue cures to be able to fit a new butt cap onto the foam (your choice...). On light rods I've long done without a butt cap at all and simply leave a 1/4" of foam sticking out past the end of the blank for a very comfortable butt without a but cap at all...

    Note, at times with a really tight fitting new EVA butt section I'll need a second pair of hands to keep the two rodblank butts together as we force that new grip down the first blank, though usually I can do this repair solo...

    Hope this helps. I've never seen an article written about this kind of repair. I'd be glad to write one - but these days magazines can't afford to pay for much of anything....
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    here's one I did, the customer didn't want cork anymore and wanted to go with Winn Grips. no problem. it's a pretty simple and should be an inexpensive project. Good luck!
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