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Surly Pug Ops Fat Tire Bike

zencastzencast Posts: 18 Greenhorn
2015, moonlander forked, hydro brakes with 10 speed rear, big fat larry 5" tires,plus nates 3.8 tires, all 120tpi, platformed pedals and in new condition, tires still have nubs. Battleship grey, this was all the topline components model.

16" frame for a 5'7"to5'10" rider ideally (size as you would a 29er) standover is about 30-30.5 for those that use that as measure (with the 5" tires).

A true beach stomper or snow stomper bike. Just dont use it alot.

1450.00 with both sets of tires and a fat bike stand.

in JAX
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