PC 2/11 Offshore Fish & Dive & SHARK

Vis was marginal, but enough to shoot some snapper and lionfish. Got to fend off a big sandbar shark (I think) that circled us on the descent and showed back up on the ascent. Bottom bite on rod and reel was good for lanes, triggers, and beeliners. No kingfish around to take the live baits slow trolled.


  • FletchFletch Merritt Island, FLPosts: 2,359 Moderator
    Neat video!

    Yes that's a sandbar. The tall dorsal and long pecs are a dead giveaway. They have gotten really thick over the last few years. I see them more often than not.
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  • DevodudDevodud Posts: 355 Deckhand
    I wonder why the kings went ghost. What was the water temp?
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  • srokag44srokag44 Posts: 43 Greenhorn
    Devodud wrote: »
    I wonder why the kings went ghost. What was the water temp?

    Around 75 on the surface if I remember right and 72 on the bottom. Kings have moved on I guess, middle of water column was quite dirty.
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