Crystal River February Sheepshead/Snapper Beatdown

Jake has been catching alot more snapper and sheepshead at our usual spots than previous years and everytime I try to go the weather suckssss. Anyways I finally had a chance to join him and Chris on his beautiful Crevalle and head to about 30ft. I caught tons of sheepshead at the first spot when everyone was saying how slow it was compared to previous trips. I like the reassurance that I'm not the problem because sometimes I go to these spots with little luck, then he kills it without me. Everything was on live shrimp today besides 1 24" gag on a pinfish. Sheepshead were caught on a live shrimp 6-12" off the bottom and the snapper were caught mostly freelined. All in about 30ft of water out of Crystal River. On a side note that Crevalle was freakin awesome! Early on in the day it was rough enough that I wouldn't even go sometimes in our boat, while we're still doing 45mph with ease. For a shallow draft boat it handled amazing. Biggest sheeps were 21" and snappers were about 20". Had to wrestle a goliath to get the biggest sheepshead back, around 17min into the video.

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