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looking for FL guys interested in Hunting Arkansas

I live in the Panhandle of FL and I drive through Montgomery and Birmingham on my way to Arkansas and I am looking for guys who want to go do flooded field hunts. I am putting three trips together to go to Arkansas and hunt flooded rice fields. The blind will hold 6 shooters. To fill a spot you will have to send me a 50 percent deposit so I can send the money to the outfitter and reserve the fields. For the price listed below it includes your cost of the blind and the cost to stay at the outfitters lodge. You will still have to buy licence which are 125.00 if you ride with me and split fuel it usually cost around 150.00 each if I can get a few guys to ride with me, and food I figure 150.00. I always figure high on food and fuel. If you have decoys, or other gear you can bring that great if not that is fine to.

Drive up Dec 19th hunt December 20,21,22,and 23 till lunch and then drive home. 720.00 for hunts and lodging+ 425.00 for food, fuel,licence = 1,145.00

Drive up Dec 26th hunt December 27,28,29,30 till lunch and then drive home. 720.00 + 425.00 = 1,145.00

Drive up Jan 2 hunt January 3,4,5,6,7, till lunch and then drive home 800.00 + 425.00 = 1225.00

I have access to around 25 different fields that I can rent by the day. I have been doing this for 3 seasons and have had good success with it I am just looking for a few more guys who want to go from FL, or Alabama so we can ride up together and split up the fuel cost.I hunt with several different outfitters throughout the state and lease fields straight from farmers who do not have websites depending on where the birds are. All of these outfitters offer guided hunts that I can set up and book for you, or you can go with me on a DIY or self-guided hunt which I will basically be your guide if you have never been. But we are all splitting the cost which allows me to go more and you to save compared to going on fully guided hunts. If you have experience in hunting flooded fields the more help I can get setting up decoys and calling the better.

Arkansas County Guide Service = http://www.arkansasduckandgoosehunts.com

Rain Man Outfitters = http://www.rainmancalls.com/pages/rainman-outfitters

Bayou Bottoms Guide Service = http://www.bayoubottoms.com

Please ask any questions or message me


  • erik-the-rederik-the-red Posts: 111 Deckhand
    Hey buddy I am game. I have no experience in duck hunting. I have taken my hunters safety course. I am self employed. FL state licensed low voltage contractor. I am just saying that to show how responsible I am. I am 33. I have some jobs in AL in July. I can swing by to meet you around then. Do you have any business this way? I am out of Jacksonville.
  • Fowlweather_13Fowlweather_13 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Sounds good always looking to introduce people to the sport. I live in Ponce de Leon. FL 32455 so if you come by close for sure we can meet up. I do not have any business out that way I am a high school teacher so I do not have to travel much.
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