2/11 PBI Big Mahi, Sails, Kingfish, Big Muttons

Yesterday we had back to back charters and I was not sure how the fishing would be with the moon so bright. We got 3 1/2 dozen bait from Carl Aka Slob City at 6:30 and cleared the inlet. We ran north and found some birds working in 105. Put out a spread of live gogs up and down. We went the next hour without a hit. So we proceeded to bump troll to one of my favorite kingfish spots and finally have it was fish on. It was a 24 inch cow. Before the cow is the boat we hook a sailfish also! We could not find a school of mahi but we continued to pull them one by one until about noon. We also did a drift and got a 26lb cow. We ended up the morning 2-2 on sails, 6 mahi upto 26lbs, 2 kingfish, a big bull shark, a red grouper, an AJ, and short muttons.

Round 2 was a completely different story. We fished the same area way harder than we did in the morning with nothing to show for it. We finally get a hit and then it gets sharked...... a couple minutes and again fish on. It's a nice king about 25 lbs that skyed on a top line. As we get it in sight it gets destroyed by a 7 foot bullshark...... We pulled the remaining baits and decided to run further north. We were finally rewarded with a 5 lb mutton and a 10lb kingfish. It was a lot slower in the afternoon and the conditions went practically flat. The guests had a good time and still left with some good dinner.

For the love of god can anyone tell me why I can only sometimes upload pictures and also it will only let me upload some pics when it does work. Sorry can't add the rest of the pics I will try again later.
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