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Kalamazoo Gas Grill

I have a Kalamazoo gas grill for sale that is lightly used. It has been and is presently stored in a climate controlled garage and has not been used for a few years. I intend to post pics soon. With it comes side burners. These are awesome grills. If anyone is looking for a top shelf gas grill, there isn't any better than Kalamazoo. Replacement cost is in the neighborhood of $15k+.

$5k takes this one home. PM me with any interest. It is located in Stuart.


  • PROFINITYPROFINITY Posts: 296 Deckhand
    Kalamazoo are thick stainless steel construction. Check out their website. You will not wear one of these out. These are not your average grill.
  • timbahotimbaho Posts: 29 Deckhand
    What model is your Kalamazoo? Possibly the K750HT ? Can you send me a couple of pics? thanks
  • PROFINITYPROFINITY Posts: 296 Deckhand
    It's not the newest hybrid model where you can put wood log(s) into it. It has a drawer to put wood chips in. I think they called it a smoking drawer. I will post pics when I move a few things out of the way in about a week. If this was the newest hybrid model, I sure wouldn't let a $16,500 unit go for anywhere near $5k. I also have the side burner along with a double Viking burner and stainless steel door that can accommodate an outside under counter or storage unit. These are included with the grill.
  • PROFINITYPROFINITY Posts: 296 Deckhand
    Done. Please remove. Thank you.
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