Blacktip and Tarpon Migration is in full swing

BeachwalkerBeachwalker Posts: 33 Deckhand
Blacktip sharks and Spinner Sharks are all over our local beaches and up close. This is there migration period and they will be feeding on jacks and bluefish really anything. 2 big tarpon schools have been seen and there are on the move to. I spotted a school of over a 100 on the beach a few days go so get out there and wet a line. Capt chris beachwalker[video]


  • MuskyChaserMuskyChaser Posts: 134 Deckhand
    Was thinking of spending a day there next week. Never fished the east coast.
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  • Go0ganGo0gan StuartPosts: 111 Deckhand
    Bulk up! I was out yesterday and got broke off three times with 40lb braid and steel leader rigs. Waves were shining silver with tarpon and the sharks were munching down cut up jack, about fist size, on a 9/0, and #9 steel leader.
  • loaded4sharkloaded4shark Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    This is great news! I'm heading to West Palm Beach this weekend to fish for Blacktips. The hard part is finding where the schools are. I'm going to start a thread on location reports of the schools to help track the migration.

    Here is a video from Ft Pierce Beach last week. BIG SCHOOLS OF BLACKTIPS!!
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