Info. on late Feb. fishing Destin offshore and bay ??

My youngest Son, who now lives and works in E. Texas called last night and told me that he was informed yesterday that their Senior Management Team, that he is part of, was going to have a meeting in the Destin area from Feb. 23 - 27 and what could I tell him about fishing during that time around Destin both off shore or bay for that matter.

My initial thoughts were weather related, and these days I don't even try to keep up w/ what's in season or.......

Typically I think they travel one day, a day or two of meetings, some social time, a play day, in this case they ask him to look into the fishing thing, they would do a Charter, or two, he said probably as many as 10 people, either off shore or the Bay.

So......thoughts, opinions...what might be biting, what would be best bet ...bla, bla.... forget it...bla....bla...




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