rebuilding sam scott rods

just wondering if anyone knows of a place that i can take a set of 5 1980's sam scott bottom rods that i can have refurbished to original condition. I live in Salt Lake City fish out of fort pierce. Willing to take rods north or south. any suggestions appreciated. 20 plus years ago there was a place in fort pierce that did no such luck anymore.


  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,288 Captain
    Any decent rod repair/rodbuilding outfit should be able to do a good job on those Sam Scott rods. Before you have the work done stop by the shop and get a look at the work they do. Down here in Ft. Lauderdale I can think of several I'd recommend but there's sure to be a few much closer to Ft. Pierce....
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    Wish those sticks were still in production.
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  • rysherrysher Posts: 379 Deckhand
    i dont advise rebuilds due to the labor involve.
    labor is 2x, strip then build.
    the money that can be spent on the labor to strip could've been spent on a new blank.
    i only suggest rebuilds on sentimental value rods.
  • swampdog0swampdog0 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    my father bottom fished these rods till his death in the early 90's then my step mother sold all his gear. i found the original rods from the gentleman in fort pierce that bought them he fished them on the " Happy Hooker" till 2008 when the hooker sunk at the dock,been in his storage unit. he graciously gave me the rods so yes i understand the cost just want someone to do it correct original as possible.
  • bottomjerkbottomjerk Posts: 214 Deckhand
    text me pics 561-307-8965 I might be able to help I'm in hobe sound and wrap as a hobby
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