Yankee Capts January 30, 17, at the Ridge.

I thought I brought my "A" game, I was excited, rested and ready to kick ****. My first trip on the Yankee Capts since April, 16 and I was going to smoke em. Found I was fishing with a bunch of familiar faces up front,Bob, Mike, Bill and Bricks and he had his superman shirt and matching under wear. A team of guys from northern Florida mid ship and a California crew near the stern. How could this possibly go wrong???
A bit of sleep on the way out, a brilliant sunrise, winds had dropped off and the engines were slowing. Made the choice to drop 2 pounds of lead, didn't hear announcement to try three. Bad choice, there was more wind and current than I thought. After a couple attempts and tangles, I switched to three pounds and still tangled. Others were catching a few fish and I still wasn't in the starting gate and my "A" game was rapidly getting bruised. Finally! A small tile fish, then a lead lost on bottom, another tile, a lost lead in a tangle, another tile, lost lead. My battered attitude was smarting by night fall, after five lost sets of gear, more than the total of lead lost on my all of my previous five trips to Pulley Ridge. Only four fish in the box, but others had hauled up some quality fish. I was alone in my pain, but determined to kill the night bite.
A couple hours sleep and back at the rail just after midnight. Lots of flying fish and squid, then an unmistakable attack on my bait as I raised it! The black fin tuna war was ON! I think I had three in the boat before Bill started bloodying the deck. Mike was having equipment problems, losing lures to a broken eye on his rod. Bricks was helping diagnose, between fighting tuna, then Mike borrowed my spare spinning rod and was soon smiling.Bricks had his fill of the mayhem and left the tuna loonies to bloody the bow. Crank the drag down, drop, jig and winch them up, ignore the pain, no chance to run far, head out of the water, circle fast. BAM! Flying gaff to the head! Lyndon nailed them, a gaff in each hand, Clint Eastwood wink, smoking guns, super mate strikes again.
I quit jigging after six tuna and a big hambone snapper that tried to eat metal, but Bill and Mike slammed on, nearing double digets, living the dream of the old guys every where, smacking the cripes out of something big and tasty and winning.
My dip net went to dumpster heaven last fall, rotted netting, but the North Florida boys were developing a new approach with their net.
They kept it hidden in the shadow alongside the boat, and a whole frikking school of fliers swam in, following the leader! Maybe a dozen in one scoop! Then another similar haul a few minutes later. Take note, net addicts!
Muttons bit while I was sleeping, sunrise brought wind and current that kept us in a shallow deep drop, filling tote after tote with quality yellow eye snapper, hambone snappers and occasional groupers and others.
At the dock, 4 AM, 22 totes of fish, lots of tired smiles, a raging dude loudly accusing us all of stealing his rod, till a mate found it in a rod holder and became quiet,,,then home to the cleaning station and four helpful friends to clean the harvest. Enough fish for seventy, plus fresh tuna for 30. Tuna time last night at the Jolly Roger.
Gotta go fishing, maybe more later.:wink
Next trip to Pulley Ridge is a "lite" trip,mid Feb, see you there!
My wife will add pics in a couple hours...


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