Stud kings, big muttons, and African Pompano out of Pbi 1/28/17

I have been slacking for a while and not posting. We have fished 4 times in the past 3 weeks. The muttons have been on fire and we have been getting 7-14 lb fish every trip. Most of them seem to be out deep between 110-170 so braid is very helpful. Anyways we had a charter cancel last minute this morning, scotty and I already had the boat ready so we decided to go out anyway. Well we didn't get many hits but what we did was all quality. 42 and 46 lb kings, a bunch of short muttons and 1 just under 7 lbs, 13 lb African pompano. It was 3-5 straight chop with strong wind. We fished just north of inlet between 80-180 with all the fish coming from about 110-160. Everyone on deep baits not a hit on flats or kites.
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