Vacation 1/21 to 1/26

Saturday I wanted to take my dad out for his birthday and the wind was screaming, which would basically be the theme of this entire week. I threw caution to the wind and ran to where I really wanted to be even though we got wet doing it. We caught a few trout in there but the reds we saw weren't eating. So I switched to plan b and ran to another spot where I knew trout would be holding. If anything was going to eat it was going to be them. We caught 2-4 fish in each bend of that creek with most being around the 15-16 inch mark. We never did get a single red to eat that day but at least I put him on some trout. Anything that will stretch a line makes him happy and I don't fish with him near as much as I should.

I spent a couple of the really wind blown poor weather days doing projects like putting a new deck in my boat and building a fish cleaning station at the house. I fish two other times this week. Once on Tuesday, which again was an extremely rough and windy day. I fished a lot of spots I haven't fished in years with no bites whatseover. The late morning bite was absolutely non existent and the water was high and murky. Finally I went back to the spot I saw the reds at with my dad. I worked my way in the creek with nothing but a few trout to show for it until I came across the highest spot in the creek which has boulders of rock strewn about on both sides of an oyster bar choke point. The reds were holding here waiting for bait to get flushed out on the falling tide. I caught 4 good fish in this spot, with one being a really nice fish. The water was clear and shallow and it was very visual fishing, it was a blast. They all fought really hard too. After that I ran out of water to push much further and with not much daylight left I decided not to push it and headed in.

Then on Thursday I got skunked on the lake speck fishing with Steve. We spent two or three hours battling it before we decided it was a waste of time. It was fun anyway but the wind was just too much and there was no bite to be had on either jigs or minnows. I lost two small bass boat side too. Oh well. Google made this animation of the pics. None are too exciting and it's easier than using Imgur. Hope it works. I threw back basically all the fish except 3 trout I sent home with my dad.



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