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San Sal Suggestions

freeman86freeman86 Posts: 18 Greenhorn
Hey Guys,

I'm headed to San Sal for the first time this weekend. Flying to meet my buddy who is sailing around Caribbean and will be fishing out of a tender. I know the wahoo fishery is supposed to be excellent on the drops but haven't been able to find out much else online. Any tips would be appreciated. In addition to wahoo, I would like to know about good reefs (we are big free divers) and bone fishing.



  • abacofeverabacofever Posts: 377 Officer
    Not sure what you are asking ?
    Yes. Wahoo fish 150-400. The reality is you will go from 60 to 2000 in just a few hundred yards. Just zig zag right down the edge and try to keep closer to a couple hundred feet. I usually fish south.. ie: SW point to SE point and down the bridge that runs to Rum Cay. Plus..this time of year you can hide from the wind down that way. Just stay near the drop and you will get bites.
    Diving: San Sal used to be a huge Dive spot. Unfortunately most of the area is now what is known as Reef in Decline. Lots of dead or dying reef in places that once were magnificent. Crap shoot. Tow around and you will find some decent reef. Be aware.. Lots of very big sharks live there close to the drop off. Oceanic White Tips, Tigers, Bulls and Makos have been seen by divers in 60-80 feet.
    Way up to the north end are some flats with Coral Heads and patch Reef near the drop. Weather this time of year may keep you away. It is a hike.
  • freeman86freeman86 Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the info. Looks like the weather may actually let us fish/dive up north near drop. Definitely going to have to keep head on a swivel with those species of shark. Looks like some decent reef near green cay. Am I right?
  • abacofeverabacofever Posts: 377 Officer
    I never dove there up north but I knew someone that exclusively dove the north end. They obviously liked it more than South. Several areas on the north end where the drop off is not quite as dramatic. Unless you like the wall dive stuff. It is pretty interesting though. Just south of the marina 600-1000ish yards or so there is an area in about 60-80 feet where if the condations are just right. When the tide changes to out going. white sugar sand is pushed off the edge through a rock fissure and it looks like sand in a hour glass falling off the edge into a black abyss. Spent some time just drifting with the boat from inshore to just off the edge. Be ready to get back in the boat !
    Also.. Might find some wind protected shallower Reef just south of marina in the small bay. Fished way more than dive !
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