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1/18/17 half day and 1/19/17 full day

Weds had a group of 5 for a 1/2 day. Guys cleaned house on the porgies with a few snapper and big key West grunts in the mix. We caught a bunch of Red grouper shorts, and in the last 5 minutes we had a number of hard hits that were sure to be big RGs...but with a plane to catch, we had to leave and get back to the dock. Ended up with a pile of fillets for a great fish fry.

Thursday we had a full day and target species was amberjack. Headed out with Adam and his wife Ludy, as well as Hitham and Paul. We ran out and the ajs didn't disappoint. We caught a quick limit and lots of throwbacks. Biggest we kept was 53" to the fork. With sore arms, we moved on looking for other edibles. We marked fish at spot after spot and the fish had lockjaw. We kept moving and would pick off a few fish here and there. The hot zone was closer in where we nabbed a bunch of porgies, big key West grunts, some lane snapper, a ton of short red grouper, and a pair of keeper grouper. Another great day is paradise!




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