HOT streak continues!! Almost ON Fire (LWI 1/20/17 (Wahoo, Kings, Sailfish, Muttons)

One of my best customers had his father in law in town. Son had a golf tournamenet but was nice enough to say "Hey Dad, call Eric and take MY boat out"!! Boat is a 41 Bahama w quads and immaculate.

We met early and I sneaked 2 50's on board, as I know Mickey (Spry 70 something likes light tackle)
He looked at me in disbelief as i came up on the spot at 16 knots. 5 minutes after lines in ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Mickey cranks and E$ does the "solo leader / gaff da HOO trick" that even Paulboat would be proud of!!
Ice him down 5 minutes later ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!! Oh **** this is a bigger fish!
Pulled the hook after an ungodly runoff (ouch). I smile and reset in live bait / bottom fish mode.

Mickey loves light tackle so when a nice king slammed his torium 16 w 15lb test he was delighted!!!
It's funny you never know what some people pass up, others love. He loves the feeling of "Oh snap, I may get spooled here etc." He railes a limit of kings in 15 minutes and then I see movement on my stealth bomber.
I have the entire Buccaneer Sailfish fleet all around me! Helium and kites fill the sky, but noone is catching.

Well Mickey is tight and his fish is dancing all around their spreads!! :grin

Here is a pick of Mickey fighting sail. He won't let me take his pic w fish he catches so first a pic of his back and sail jumping then "let me take a selfie" :spin:angel

I have epic video, if anyone cares I'll add it later!

Release the sail, then catch some muttons and small tails (released and muttons short at 14-16") sigh
Caught one more king, called it a 1/2 day at 11 am.
Peace, back at it in am, wish us luck!

PS birds having wahoo sushi, and grilled wahoo medallions over Risotto!
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