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Suggestions for Trip - Grand, Guana or Exumas

probate-rprobate-r Posts: 418 Deckhand
Starting to think about a 10 day trip with my wife and kids (6 and 8) for sometime mid July. This will be a family trip, not a hard core fishing trip. We made 5 trips crossings last summer, but mainly stayed on the west side of the bank in Bimini and West End areas. Its been a while since I spent time on the East side, so looking for advice on the most family friendly areas, and was thinking of renting a place on Grand, Guana (Abaco), or Staniel (Exumas). Anyone have a suggestion on best places to island hop and spend family time with the kids?

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  • BillablehoursBillablehours Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    For the best family friendly, multiple activity choices and island hopping I suggest the Abacos.
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  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,666 Captain
    abacos for sure.

    look up paulboat's yearly threads, it is a step by step guide with unimaginable details. all the info you want or would need is there.

    however, purchase steve (?) dodge's guidebook to the abacos (or similar title). it is great

    enjoy the trip.

  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 19,289 AG
    Definitely not Grand. There is absolutely nothing there for a family.

    We are off to the Exumas next month for the first time so I cannot comment on Staniel.

    For a family trip, absolutely the Abacos. Plenty of places to establish a base, and all of the other places are less than an hour away. Sunday at Nippers for the pig roast, visits to Hope Town. Treasure, the Atlantic side of Man O War, Marsh and Boat Harbour. Beautiful safe beaches, and plenty to see and do for kids. Have done it three times as a family of five, plus their friends. Other times as a group of adults. Always a great time.

    Second the Dodge Guide. If you are taking your boat have a look at the house rentals on Lubbers. Also join the Abacos Message Board or at least watch the threads on there.
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  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Shawn, Green Turtle is your place, it's perfect for you guys. Buy me a sandwich and I'll tell you how/why.
  • probate-rprobate-r Posts: 418 Deckhand
    dpdash wrote: »
    Shawn, Green Turtle is your place, it's perfect for you guys. Buy me a sandwich and I'll tell you how/why.

    Doug, Your on....
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  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 890 Officer
    If your budget permits it, schedule your trip to Staniel and Compass Cay.
    2nd choice, call Doug.
    Grand is not a choice, imho, for a family.
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    pm me for rental info.
  • Osprey45Osprey45 FT Pierce/ NW NJPosts: 1,000 Officer
    Doug will give you the best advice he has been there done that.
  • C Skip RC Skip R Posts: 129 Deckhand
    Grand is definitely not a place for the family. Visit the Abacos and Green Turtle is a great place for the family. You won't be disappointed. Short hop from GT to many of the other Abaco islands.
  • HyundaifinnHyundaifinn Posts: 54 Greenhorn
    My suggestion is Green Turtle or Hopetown. I likw Guan and have stayed there many times. Not much going on except Nippers and the small settlement. The majority of the island is being privately developed. Guan is Centrally located and an easy run to Marsh Harbor and the rest of the barrier islands. No matter where you go, you will fall in love with it. Maybe spit your trip up. Hopetown is great, but freeking hot downtown in the summer. Lots of places to eat. Best!
  • SlipkidSlipkid Posts: 241 Officer
    Taking your boat? Need a place to stay too? Green turtle is good but sometimes I shake my head about what goes on there (at the GTC anyway). Hopetown in and marina is nice with two pools and a great bar. Boat harbour may also be a good option but I'm not so sure about accommodations there; I spent a few nights there last spring but we were marlin fishing hard and I wasn't really paying attention to anything else they had to offer.

    All that said, if you can swing a few more days and the kids can take the boat ride I'd go to harbour island on Eleuthera or the exumas over the abacos any day.
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,242 AG
    Done the Abacos many, many times since 1995. Did an 18-night, sleep aboard the Grady-White trip, where we island hopped from GTC, Guana and Sea Spray on Elbow Cay.

    We have stayed at the Treasure Cay Resort & Marina and rented boats there every summer as well from 1995-2002.

    We also rented a townhouse in Treasure for 6 weeks in 2005 and we had 6 'crews' fly in-out for 2-3-4-5 days at a time.

    For Family Fun and a solid, all-around home base, TC is right in the middle. Easy shot to GTC and Guana for the day, world class beach beach bar/restaurant right there, bakery, stores, fuel dock is right on the channel as you come in, nice Marina pool. If you get a room, they do have some bigger suites/rooms with full kitchens, etc and dock your boat right out back. Good grocery store there too.

    Abaco Beach Resort is also very nice and a short walk into Marsh Harbor. Pool, bar, restaurant, fuel dock right there, easy shots to Hope Town, Man-o-War. Not far from the Ferry Dock to get to HT, MOW, etc.

    You could......... clear and re-fuel at OBB then press on to TC Resort & Marina on Day One. Stay 4-5 nights and explore the Middle Abacos (GT, Guana, etc). Then move down to Abaco Beach Resort for 4-5 night and explore the Lower Abacos (M-O-W, HT, Pete's Pub, etc)

    With your boat's cruising speed, you could re-fuel on the next to last day, shove off from ABR at dawn-ish and make the run home in one day. We ran non-stop from TC to my Lauderdale dock in my Grady-White/Slug and made it on the dot in 8 hours and right at 200nm. You'd be looking at about a 225nm run.

    Only 10 days to go to the Exumas? Count on 4 of those just getting down/back.

    Doug, I'll drive and we can meet him for lunch!
  • probate-rprobate-r Posts: 418 Deckhand
    Gary M wrote: »

    Doug, I'll drive and we can meet him for lunch!

    Gary, you AND Doug are on. I used to fly over and meet Doug at MH as part of his "return crew" when his family flew back and we would fish/ dive our way back. Also spent some time in my teens on Scotland, so I have an innate love for that area ... but its been forever since I was over there. PM me your cell and I'll get lunch set up for the three of us when he is in town.
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,242 AG
    probate-r wrote: »
    Gary, you AND Doug are on. I used to fly over and meet Doug at MH as part of his "return crew" when his family flew back and we would fish/ dive our way back.

    That's funny because I also flew to MH and helped him bring his 26 Intrepid home via one night on M-O-War, one at TC!!! We also did a Bootle Bay Relief Supply Trip in his Intrepid after Hurricane Jean (I think) ravaged that entire area in 2004 or so. We stacked so many cases of water in the boat's head that it cracked the floor! :hairraiser

    I should be able to dig a few decent #s out of my NavNet from my trips over there for you. I know of some shallow water pipes that the kids would love to snorkel on........ I think that I also still have my Abaco Notebook laying around somewhere....... :huh
  • Orange&BlueOrange&Blue Posts: 64 Deckhand
    The Exumas are IMO the prettiest region of the Bahamas (and all of the Carribean that I've been to for that matter). Great place to take your wife. Not much to do for kids. The Staniel Cay Yacht Club is awesome but books up in the spring and summer a year in advance. Other than them, there's a tiny rental inventory on Staniel, and what's there is either shabby or crazy-expensive. The Abacos are your best bet. I take the family to Abacos and wife to Staniel....which reminds me, I need to book my wife and me's 25th anniversary trip to Staniel in 2018.
  • abacofeverabacofever Posts: 377 Officer
    Abacos.. Somewhere.
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