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Pineland 1/18

Water warmed to 71and read the good report from offshore 22 and hoped that Pineland waters would hold similar action. Started off with Char Zara Spook and took the first fish around 17” and then the next 3 bites came fairly quickly but all failed to hook up. Then a long dry spell so back to the old reliable Mirro 4” Soft Shad in clear with silver fleck 1/8oz jig. Action picked up as well as hook ups. Partner was throwing a popping cork with New Penny Gulp Shrimp. He was getting bit but most didn’t hook up and those that did were under sized. I was getting a few legals so he switched to the same lure. We just kept meandering in the middle of a huge grass flat and had 8 16-18.5” by 10 AM and boated another 25+ sub legals.

Then we moved to fishing shore lines of islands in areas we had never fished before. Found a couple of deeper holes on the way there so stopped and picked up jacks and lady fish and surprise catch of a Remora. Getting near low tide so could not make it to the first island so turned to the next and found some nice water on the point of the island. Picked off another couple of jacks and 4 small snook and another legal sized trout. Called it a day and grateful for all the action. We will have to try those islands closer to high tide so we have a better chance at something other than trout. Still looking for some reds for supper.

Grey Beard



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