CK Redfish

My son and I went out monday on MLK day and fished the sand/oyster bars just north of the north channel (never fished for reds before but thought it looked like good spot). This was both mine and my son's maiden trip for reds, never targeted them, never caught one, but my son keeps telling me that his buddies say its really hard to catch them....I'm an offshore guy and haven't fished closer in than seahorse reef in over 35 years, but I figure what the heck, I'm taking my 15 year old fishing and we'll see. We slow trolled some jigs over to the north channel just to see if there were any spanish mackeral that had gotten lost or too lazy to leave for warmer water, but no luck. As I start changing out my rig, I'm explaining to my boy about the currents, ambush points, looking for changes in the water from still to moving water, drop offs and such and then point to the tip of the closest sand bar and say " If I was a redfish, I'd be waiting right there on the down current side of that to hammer the first mullet to cross over it with the current" and with that I cast my gold spoon past the point and start a slow retrieve that comes right off of the tip of the bar and BANGO!!! First cast brings in a 17 and 3/4" pretty little redfish....watching my son do the happy dance and scream "are you kidding me!?!?!? " over and over was priceless...the old man's still got it:) He tried several different lures, as well as trying out his new fly rod with no luck. I hooked another that was considerably larger and got it to the boat, MUCH I lifted the rod tip and reached down to lip him, he shook his head one last time and the line sounded like a guitar string breaking and I watched him swim off with my gold spoon. My son said, "to heck with it, I'm using the last spoon" and quickly tied it on his rod. About 10 minutes later he had a red that looked like a twin to my first one in the boat! We were able to get out and walk around in knee deep water and chased several more that we were sight fishing with no luck. Overall a great day on the water with my son that he won't soon forget. Also got to check out the outer ramp to make sure that I could get my "new to me" offshore boat out soon. I'll post some pics as soon as I figure out how to...up to this point I've just asked questions on here, this is my first actual report type submission. Thanks to all who have given tips and info, it really helped make our first trip a successful one!


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