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    I like the Seaview Cable Clam. When I looked up the specs on the opening, it listed it as 0.6 inch wide. Some of the lowrance cables have cut ends (ie. power cable) or are small enough to fit ( NMEA 2000) but the transducer or structure scan cables have twist on locks that are about 1" in outer diameter. How did they get those cables through? Did they cut and rejoin with an airmar junction box or re-solder the ends? http://www.seaviewglobal.com/de/products/657
    You are correct, the Lowrance connectors do not fit through the slot in the Clam or through cable sized holes you have to make in the rubber gland Rather than cut and splice the connections for each cable, Frank split the "shell" of the mount between the short side screws and made cuts in the rubber gland in order to slide the cables into the holes he made. This approach does neaten the installation but will reduce the effectiveness of the clam in stopping leakage into the console. You have to decide which approach you'd rather take. I don't generally get a lot of water on the top of the console so this works for me.

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