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Full moon, slack tide, cold water and pelican poop... 7 tarpon and 9 snook?

Well tonight was a weird one... but a fun one. I've been wanting to get out and fish this week but haven't had much time... tonight was my only night available where I could get out by myself. I had pretty much everything going against me... full moon? Check. Weak outgoing tide? Check. Water is still cold from the front last week? Check. A pelican pooped on me? Wait... what the frig? No kidding... a pelican pooped on me today. Awesome.
With all those negative things, I had an absolute blast fishing tonight. Landed my first tarpon on my second cast. Jumped another one 3 casts later. Jumped 2 more within the next 20 minutes. The tide started going even more slack and for some reason the snook bite turned on... and boy was it on. First snook went 30", then a couple of 24's... then ended up with a 28, 26, two 27's, and a couple more 22 to 24's. One snookzilla ran drag on me like a big ole fatty magoo and ended up chafing the leader through. Dang.
When the tide turned around the tarpon bite came back on and I jumped 3 more. Couldn't get any more to the boat though... two straightened hooks and one dragged me into a piling... I didn't have a chance. The tarpon tonight ranged from about 20 lbs to 40 lbs. Bite died when the tide got really moving though... ahh well. Had a great time fishing the Hogy's tonight.

BTW... I'm shooting for 400 jumped tarpon this year, with 100 landed. That's not including charters. :) Just me.


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