Pinellas County Wade Fishing Buddy wanted

Hey there. I am new to the forum and new to Florida. My gf and I moved down here in August and love it. The only problem is that I left all my fishing buddies up north. I have been doing a lot of fishing from Ft. Desoto up to Honeymoon Island. I am an experienced wade and surf fisherman from the Virginia Beach area. While I don't mind going out alone I do miss going out fishing with my crew and looking to find other solo fisherman to join forces with. I am planning a wade trip up to the North tip of Honeymoon Island on Sunday. I have been killing the Trout and Reds the last few weeks up there. I didn't get up there last weekend because of the weather so I am itching to get up there again this weekend. Hit me up if you are interested in going.


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,659 Moderator
    Welcome to the forum and area.Cant help you with a wading partner because my back wont allow it. Good luck
  • ElkchaserElkchaser Posts: 180 Deckhand
    If you get a kayak hit me up. Good luck Sunday.
  • DstryrslrDstryrslr Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    I am shopping around for a new one.
  • DstryrslrDstryrslr Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    I am shopping around for a new one.
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    Kind of a long walk for me to north Honeymoon... but if you've got a car, recommend you check out Weedon Island area in St. Pete. Great winter wading for reds, trout, sheepshead, etc. Plus, it has good parking areas, with good restroom accommodations. Any given Saturday there are quite a few wade fishermen there, so that is where I would go if I wanted to learn the area, meet some new buds, and what they use to catch... best of luck. Of course, having a kayak greatly expands your distance... but Weedon is great for also...
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  • haydenfox!#$haydenfox!#$ Posts: 2,382 Captain
    Consider joining a fishing club in the area.
  • gettinwetgettinwet Posts: 1,366 Officer
    I can't go this Sunday (son has a soccer game) but I am going Monday. I live in Orlando and wade fish on the East Coast primarily (Northern Indian River Lagoon/Titusville, FL/Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge area) but have been fishing the Ft. Desoto area a bit the past year and half or so due to the ongoing algae bloom in my normal stomping grounds. Have had some success fishing for snook focusing primarily around the bridge channels and adjacent flats on incoming tides but haven't figured out the trout/red bite yet. Anyway, I'm pretty hard core.......and don't mind using some vacation days to get out when the bite is on and to avoid the tourists. Been looking for a like minded fishing bud for awhile because I would be more adventurous checking out/finding spots knowing I had backup. I don't mind driving your way and we could do trips on either coast. If interested PM me. Tight lines!
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    Thanks for the heads up on weedon island. I had checked it out with Google maps but hadn't made it there yet. I wasn't sure how good it was for wading. I will definitely give it a go.
  • DstryrslrDstryrslr Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Haydenfox, do you know of any decent clubs in the Pinellas County area?
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