Need help with blank selection...

for a short 80# bent butt to be used for wahoo trolling and/or pulling a dredge. I don't want to break the bank the blank alone. The guides and unibutt are costly enough for me as it is.
It will only be fished out of the rod holder not standup.



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    I am not sure where you are located but I would contact Mudhole (1-866 790-7637) or Get Bit Outdoors (407 542-7840) and tell them what you want. Both are in the Oviedo area. They have blanks from $30 - $200. If you are in the central Florida area you can visit their shops and see the blank before purchasing. Plus you save on shipping cost.
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    I would Def recommend Get Bit Outdoors, Kevin and his staff will treat ya right
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    Solid glass...Wrap...epoxy...wrap again...epoxy 2 more times .........Use Aftco "stuff"....
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