Kayak Fishing Mosquito Lagoon 1/5/2017


Found the time to get out this past week and glad I did... The weather is going to make it a challenge to coordinate any fishing trips this month. Started the day with a beautiful sunrise and very little boat traffic. It was a little windy but it calmed down nicely by mid morning. Found a school of Redfish on top of the flats early in the day....and unlike my last trip to the lagoon, this time the fish were willing to come out and play. Had a great time and managed to land a few Reds. I did Find the water cleared up at the lagoon (finally). So much so, that it reveals how much damage the murky, cloudy waters had done to the area. Who knows how long it will take to get some grass to grow and spread....but for now, with the exception of some spots, muddy and sandy bottoms is all we are going to get. Fishing was still good....participation improved from the last trip out and even managed to run into (what I thought was a monster Redfish at first) a four foot shark in very shallow water in the middle of the Lagoon. The shark was quick to leave the flats as it seemed to be just as surprised to see me as I was.... Amazing what little boat traffic during the week can do for your fishing experience.

Can't wait to get back out there.....I guess for now, the weather will dictate. Looks like it is going to be a while...


  • phlatsphilphlatsphil Posts: 14,632 AG
    good report
  • Panfishangler1Panfishangler1 Posts: 885 Officer
    Boaters and kayakers will never never see eye to eye. That's just the way it is and will always be. Glad you had an awesome day out there.
  • Rich MRich M Posts: 1,266 Officer
    Both boaters and kayakers are the same - same rules apply. Some believe they have special privileges, same everywhere.

    OP seems saying that it is nice to fish when no-one is messing you up. Amen to that.
  • beachside321beachside321 Posts: 365 Officer
    Same rules don't apply. Paddlecraft aren't included anywhere in the rules of the road. The USCG addresses the issue on their website by saying "Ultimately, the issue of who gives way would fall to what would be ‘required by the ordinary practice of seamen or by the special circumstances of the case' (Rule 2 — Responsibility)". To some, this means kayaks, canoes and SUPs should stay out of the channel. When crossing channels, do so quickly and not to impede the passage of boats in the channel. You know, common sense stuff. Others take this as "powerboats can better avoid a collision, so they must give way". I recently had 2 kayakers cross a narrow channel in front of me. I was clearly making way, at a safe and lawful speed (slow speed minimum wake), and as the rules require, I maintained my speed and course. When it became apparent they weren't going to stop, I grabbed reverse to stop the boat and raised my arms in the international "****?" sign. One of the guys told me "kayaks have the right of way".

    In terms of fishing etiquette I agree with you. I fished out of a kayak for many years and there is nothing more frustrating than paddling 2-3 miles to a spot, just to have someone motor up on the flat, spook the fish then hop on plane and leave. I don't care if you're wading, in a kayak or SUP, a POS boat, or a $60K skiff... If you are there first, I have to find another place to fish! People just don't give a **** these days
  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 8,171 Admiral
    You basically just said the same rules apply.

    In that video, the water still looked pretty murky to me.
    Or is it just because the floor of the lagoon is just brown silt now?
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 10,657 AG
    When I see a kayaker I immediately run to the bow and start throwing punches into the air so he knows who's boss.
    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
  • Capt Michael SavedowCapt Michael Savedow Posts: 65 Greenhorn
    Yes the clear water is so nice after dirty water for so long, hoping weather conditions keep it clean for as long as possible
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  • Fish SauceFish Sauce Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    The whole lagoon should be a NMZ. Grass would come back real quick.
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