Cobia, SLI 01/05/17

Had the pleasure of fishing with my buddy Gary(Road Runner) on his boat today. Also on the boat today were Barry(J-Bug),and Eric(Plane Fish N). We headed out of St. Lucie inlet around 7:00 to smooth seas, and plenty of live bait at the red can, and at the sand pile. We slow trolled some live baits for a while, but the only thing hungry were the sharks. We then moved to bottom fishing and had lots of hits which kept us busy. After a few hours we decided to move deeper to try for something bigger. After about an hour Eric's reels starts screaming, and he's into the fight. Eric starts to gain some line and suddenly we see color and Eric says Cobia. N:):)ow everything gets serious and we're grabbing the gaffs and clearing lines. Eric gets the fish up next to the boat and Gary and I hit it with two gaff shots and get it into the fish box. The Cobia went 38LBS and was about 48 inches. High fives and fist pumps all around.

Sorry I don't have pictures, but I'm sure Eric and Gary will post pictures.


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