Venice Offshore - 20161229 - Blackfin, Gags and More....

On board was my wife Janice, Peter from Germany, and some of the regular crew, Rich, Bill and Brian.

It was a great day to be on the water, calm, sunny everything that one could wish for after the recent windy spell. Left at about 07:00, the water was calm so it was easy to see the schools of cigar minnows. Caught enough for the trip in about 1/2 hour then it was off to the first stop in 125 FOW.

Overall it was a great trip with a large blackfin about 30lbs, a 32" gag grouper, lots of mangroves up to about 6lbs, red grouper to about 30", and lane snapper.
><))))*> So Many Fish, So Little Time


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