25% Off All Jigging Master Products (PowerSpell, Saber Game, Etc.)

Hey Y'all,
For the holidays, we are offering large discounts on our remaining products Jigging Master Products, a collection of products that have gained international fame. We are offering 24-26% off every rod and reel compared to retail prices, which can be found on our eBay store.

Our Ebay store can be found here

Videos of the products in action can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjv-4QpxKWs

We currently have these models still in stock:

Rods (26% Off)
Jigging Master Saber Game - $109
Jigging Master Ocean Devil UL/XUL - $196
Jigging Master Enchanter Special - $264
Jigging Master Wiki Jigging Ocean Fire - $201

Reels (24% Off)
Jigging Master PE2 - $465
Jigging Master PE3 - $483
Jigging Master PE4 - $483


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