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Determined to get an inshore keeper gag over Christmas break I was disappointed by the weather reports , which were only right 2 days and I could have comfortably been on my boat. Still, I persevered for 4 days (10-12 hrs at a time) on the SSP free lining pins, grunts, lizards, jacks and pinning some baits both live and cut to the bottom. I fished every rock pile from the bait shop to the end. NOTTA! Not one fish grouper or otherwise. Despite the puffer forecast for today I decided to change it up and head to a spot where I had been catching shorts around Thanksgiving but had been freight trained and rocked a couple times by what I figured were bigger fish. I spent the first hour plus frustrated because I couldn't even catch pinfish. I was however catching nice spot tails which I was giving to a gentlemen nearby. With outgoing nearing the end I said Heff it and cut and chunked a ring tail into 3 pieces. Before I could set my rod down to clean up the rod bent over. Nice blue fish, but not what I wanted. The nearby gent was happy to take the blue too. Next bait, about 2 minutes and a short over the rail. I forget to open the bail on my next cast and proceed to sling my last chunk off the hook. I go back and get another spot, chunk it and boom, 26 inch gag. It was skinny though so I threw it back. I caught 2 more on the next 2 baits, 22 and 24 inches. The 24 was too close so back it went. Now I can't get bait so after nearly 10 minutes, and sweating the end of the tide, I put on a big piece of squid bits I had been using for pinfish. This was the biggest bite of the day and it nearly took my rod. I was still trying to catch bait not believing in the squid chunk. Luckily as the rod scraped across the rail the concrete cut the line and the rod literally shot backward at the relief of pressure. A few more spots and a couple more blues for the gentlemen, who had been fishing with shrimp and was now watching me fish, and I was done. No keepers, but by choice. Don't think I'll be giving SSP anymore of my money.



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